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Wonderful Pine Strawberry


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Our cultivar Wonderful Pine Strawberry is a special white fruiting variety. The fruits are a gourmet style strawberry with suitable firmness for markets. Fruits are of good size, 4-5 grams, which resembles the size of this species. The plants are self fertile and can be grouped together for a mass planting. The flavor was the most important characteristic for choosing this particular clone, described as “Straight Pine” or pineapple flavor; it bears a delicious, sweet and aromatic fruit. The fruits are white, surrounded by attractive holiday red seeds. Hardiness Zone 3-9.

Latin Name: Fragaria
Site and Soil: Strawberries like 1/2 day to full sun and well drained soil.
Pollination Requirements: Strawberries are self fertile.
Hardiness: Wonderful Pine Strawberry is hardy to minus 10 F. or below.
Bearing Age: 1st year after planting.
Size at Maturity: 6-8″ in height.
Bloom Time: March-October
Ripening Time: Summer
Yield: 1 pint
Pests & Diseases: Strawberries are not bothered by insect pests or diseases. Use straw mulch to keep berries off of soil and to deter slugs.
USDA Zone: 3-9
Sunset Western Zone: A1-A3, 1-24, H1, H2
Sunset Northeast Zone: 31, 32, 34-45

Weight 2 lbs

3.5" Pot

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