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One Green World Guarantee

At One Green World we strive for excellent customer service.

Please Review OGW Guarantee Below

Planting Instructions:

Before planting, be sure to read the planting instructions included with your order. We also suggest that you view the planting video on our website. Following these planting methods should ensure that your plants get a good start and stay healthy and productive. Please contact us if you have questions about planting procedures, timing, soils, etc.; we are here to help!

Problems with your order:

After receiving of your order, please inspect all items and notify us within 10 days of any problems or shortages. We cannot accept claims for damages, shortages or other problems made more than 10 days after receipt of your order.

We love our plants and do everything we can to assure that they arrive happy and healthy, but shipping can be stressful for some plants. Unless there is major damage, a little tender loving care can go a long way in revitalizing the plant.

What we guarantee:

We guarantee that our plants are labeled correctly and are in good living condition upon arrival. Please inspect all items and notify us within 10 days of any problems or shortages. Replacements or store credit will be issued once claim is reviewed. As they are living creatures and can be damaged by frost, heat, diseases and pests, we cannot be responsible for them once they are in your care after the initial 10 day window.

We guarantee that our bare root fruit trees will break dormancy in the spring as 98% do! If your tree does not leaf out, please contact us before July 1st to receive a problem report form. Once the completed form is submitted along with pictures, our staff horticulturists will review the information. If appropriate, replacements will be sent if that item is in stock, otherwise store credit will be issued. We are only liable for the plants purchase price. We cannot refund or pay for the shipping of a replacement tree.

All bare-root problem reports will be denied after July 1st.

What we cannot guarantee:

We cannot guarantee that the trees, shrubs and vines we sell will ultimately live, thrive, bear fruit and remain healthy in your climate and growing conditions. There are so many variables that are beyond our control like soil, weather, fertility, irrigation, pests etc. We do want you to have a thriving garden, and we offer many products and services to ensure that you are successful.

Plants shipped in the Fall to zones 6 and below are not covered by our guarantee. Plants shipped to these colder regions may not be hardened off sufficiently to survive winter temperatures.  We strongly recommend spring shipping to these areas, as we cannot guarantee survival over the winter.


All packages are shipped via United States Postal Service or UPS. Please notify us immediately after receipt if there is any indication of damage to the packaging.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns

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