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Sharpblue Southern Highbush Blueberry


A blueberry variety for areas that receive few chill hours! Sharpblue is a low to no chill blueberry making it a great pick for growers in warmer climates.


Sharpblue Southern Highbush Blueberry

Sharpblue is a very well-liked and adaptable cultivar in low-chill areas. It only requires about 200 chill hours, making it a perfect choice for gardeners in climates with mild winters and few frosts. An upright spreading bush, its foliage is nearly evergreen. The medium-sized berries of Sharpblue Southern Highbush Blueberry ripen to be firm and sweet.

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Latin Name: Vaccinium ‘Sharpblue’
Site and Soil: Blueberries like 1/2 day to full sun and well-drained, acidic soil.
Pollination Requirements: Partially self-fertile. Plant another Southern Highbush variety for cross pollination.
Hardiness: Hardy to -10° F.
Bearing Age: 1-2 years after planting
Size at Maturity: 5′ high and wide
Bloom Time: March-April
Ripening Time: MayJune
Taste: Sweet
Fruit Size: Medium
Texture: Firm
Yield: 15-20 lbs.
Care: Blueberries prefer acidic soil (pH 4.5-5.5). Fertilize in early spring with a granular or liquid acid fertilizer. In late winter prune out any dead branches. After harvest, prune non fruit-bearing branches, leaving new branches to fruit the following season.
Pests & Diseases: Blueberries are not bothered by significant pest or disease problems. Scare birds away with Mylar Flash Tape or deter them by covering your plants with netting.
USDA Zone: 7-10

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