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Superfruit Bundle

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We picked out our very best Superfruit varieties for you to grow at home. This assortment of berry plants are easy to grow, self-fertile (so you only need one plant) and packed with Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber, and healthy Phytonutrients. This bundle includes one each of Goji Berry, Aronia, Black Raspberry, and Blackberry.

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Superfruit Bundle

We picked our very best Superfruit varieties to grow at home. This assortment of berry plants are easy to grow, self-fertile, and loaded with nutrients

Prime-Ark 45 Blackberry ®

This revolutionary Prime-Ark 45 Blackberry ®, new, primocane variety bears abundant crops of berries on current season wood. No pruning required, just cut plants to the ground in the fall. From an Arkansas breeding program, Prime-Ark ® fruit ripens in early to mid-September and is large and sweet with classic Blackberry flavor (PPAF).

Crimson Star Goji Berry ™

We are pleased to offer this popular Chinese variety. Grown commercially in northern China, Crimson Star Goji Berry ™ often begins bearing the year after planting and produces good crops of tasty, large, bright red fruit.

Munger Black Raspberry

Munger Black Raspberry produces large, plump, firm, shiny, black, juicy, delicious, sweet berries that are excellent for preserving. Munger has a very stout cane which lends to upright growth if staked making it easier to harvest when the berries are ready to pick.

Nero Aronia

An easy to grow, productive small shrub, Nero Aronia grows 3- 4 ft. in height and bears abundant crops of large, jet-black berries, good for juice and wine. A beautiful ornamental, you’ll enjoy Nero’s abundant clusters of very dark blue berries and striking, bright red, fall foliage.

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