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Superfruit Bundle


We picked out our very best Superfruit varieties for you to grow at home. This assortment of berry plants are easy to grow, self-fertile (so you only need one plant) and packed with Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber, and healthy Phytonutrients. This bundle includes one each of Goji Berry, Aronia, Raspberry, and Blackberry.


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40 in stock

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Superfruit Bundle

We picked our very best Superfruit bundle varieties to grow at home. This assortment of berry plants are easy to grow, self-fertile, and loaded with nutrients

Hall’s Beauty Thornless Blackberry

Hall’s Beauty is a tasty early season blackberry that produces very high yields of medium, firm berries with outstanding flavor. Canes are thornless trailing floricanes and produce an abundance of multi-petaled flowers with pink buds that make this a very ornamental blackberry as well. A great addition to your backyard berry patch.

Phoenix Tears Goji Berry

The Phoenix Tears Goji Berry (Lyceum barbarum) is native to parts of Asia. The deep orange-colored fruits are high in nutrients, with carotene levels higher than found in carrots.

Meeker Raspberry

An outstanding, June-bearing variety for the home garden, Meeker bears abundant crops of large, sweet, richly flavored, thimble-shaped berries. These delicious red Raspberries are great for fresh eating, freezing and preserves.

Viking Aronia

An attractive, vigorous, and productive small shrub, Viking Aronia is a popular commercial variety in Europe. Viking bears abundant crops of large,almost black berries which make tasty and nutritious juice and wine. Viking’s lustrous, dark green foliage turns a beautiful fire-engine red in the fall

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