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Superfruit Bundle

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We picked out our very best Superfruit varieties for you to grow at home. This assortment of berry plants are easy to grow, self-fertile (so you only need one plant) and packed with Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber, and healthy Phytonutrients. This bundle includes one each of Goji Berry, Black Currant, Black Raspberry, and Blackberry. All plants are one-gallon size pots and 2 years old.

Olallie Blackberry

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Dwarf Aronia

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Black September black current sweet and juicy berries
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Superfruit Bundle

We picked our very best Superfruit varieties to grow at home. This assortment of berry plants are easy to grow, self-fertile, and loaded with nutrients

Olallie Blackberry

Released by the USDA-ARS this is a cross between Loganberries and Youngberries. The fruit is best eaten fresh off the vine!

The Olallie Blackberry plant has ample sweet fruit useful for almost any dessert. They have trailing canes and are robust and steadfast producers.

Pequot Lakes ™ Black Raspberry

Pequot Lakes ™ Black Raspberry plants can tolerate the coldest conditions. Jim Furth, the breeder of this new variety, has grown Pequot Lakes since 1990 in the extreme winters in Northern Minnesota. The fruits are deep black and good quality for farm markets and U-Pick. Medium to large fruits are easy to harvest with the majority of the fruits located on the terminal ends of the branches. Flavor of the fruits are excellent and well balanced with high sweetness and low acidity. Harvest will occur in the third week of July for a two week period. The plants are vigorous and will yield up to three pounds of fruit per season. Hardiness Zones 3-7.

Black September Black Currant

A superior Black Currant variety, Black September bears good crops of firm, large, sweet and juicy berries. Aromatic and flavorful, Black September fruit ripens in late July.

Dwarf Aronia

Plant this cute, very compact shrub and enjoy its profuse flower display, especially tasty, jet black berries, and striking, crimson red, fall foliage. Dwarf Aronia should grow to only about 3 ft. in height.

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