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Hardy Kiwi Bundle

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Our Early Ripening Hardy Kiwi Bundle includes a Male Hardy kiwi and 3 Females. The females included are Issai, Anna, and Ken’s Red.

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Hardy Kiwi Bundle

Our Early Ripening Hardy Kiwi Bundle includes a Male Hardy kiwi and 3 Females. The females included are Issai, Anna, and Ken’s Red.

Flowercloud Male Hardy Kiwi is new male selection offers early blooming and profuse flowers. Flowercloud male should be a perfect mate of Issai as it can also begin blooming the year after planting. It is at least as hardy as Issai and capable of withstanding temperatures to at least minus 10° F.

Issai Hardy Kiwi is a semi self fertile hardy kiwi and a unique Japanese variety prized for its heavy crops of large, sweet and delicious fruit. Less vigorous than other varieties of Hardy Kiwi, Issai Hardy Kiwi can be grown on a fence or wall and often begins bearing the first year after planting.  When you pair Issai with Flowercloud male expect twice as many fruit then when it’s alone.

Anna Female Hardy Kiwi is one of the most popular hardy kiwis for gardeners and commercial growers alike, Anna’s attractive, very sweet and flavorful fruit can weigh up to 1/2 oz. This easy to grow and reliable vine is the perfect addition to your edible landscape.

Ken’s Red Hardy Kiwi  is named for it’s creator, the late New Zealand horticulturist Ken Nobbs, Ken’s Red Hardy Kiwi bears good crops of very large, sweet, and tasty fruit with reddish purple skin and flesh.

If you like Fuzzy Kiwis, you’ll love this delectable fruit. Sparkling like green, red or purple jewels, each very sweet fruit is packed with flavor. While smaller than Fuzzy Kiwi, you can eat fuzz-less Hardy Kiwi fruit like grapes, tender skin and all. Hardy to minus 10º F. or below and pest free and no disease problems, you can harvest pounds and pounts of fruit from one plant so with this Hardy Kiwi bundle you are good to go!

Hardy Kiwi likes half day to full sun and well-drained soil. A male plant is required for pollination and one male plant can pollinate up to 8 female plants. The plants need a strong trellis and can spread 10-12 ft when mature. Hardy Kiwi fruit ripens in mid to late September and start bearing 2-4 years after planting.

For more information on how to grow kiwis check out this wonderful growing guide from the Oregon State University Extension Program

Latin Name: Actinidia arguta
Site and Soil: Hardy Kiwi likes 1/2 day to full sun and well-drained soil.
Pollination Requirements: Each Hardy Kiwi Bundle includes one Flowercloud Male Hardy Kiwi for cross-pollination. One male can pollinate up to 8 females.
Hardiness: All these kiwis are hardy to minus 25° F.
Bearing Age: 3-4 years after planting,
Size at Maturity: 10-12 ft. in width on trellis, arbor or other support.
Bloom Time: May
Ripening Time: September-October
Yield: 100+ lbs
Pests & Diseases: Hardy Kiwis are not bothered by significant pest or disease problems.
USDA Zone: 4
Sunset Western Zone: A1-A3, 1-10, 12, 14-24
Sunset Northeast Zone: 31, 32, 34-41

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