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Nesbittiana Grape Vine


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Nesbittiana Grape Vine is a newly discovered grape from the mountains of Veracruz in central Mexico. It is a very beautiful ornamental with fragrant lime green flowers and bronze colored foliage followed by dark purple grapes. It is excellent for covering a wall or arbor.

Latin Name: Vitis
Site and Soil: Grapes like full to 1/2 day sun and well-drained soil. Grapes are drought resistant once they are established.
Pollination Requirements: Nesbittiana Ornamental Grape Vine is self-fertile.
Hardiness: This Vine is hardy to minus 10ºF.
Bearing Age: 2-3 years after planting.
Size at Maturity: 10-12 ft. in width on fence, arbor or other support.
Bloom Time: May
Pests & Diseases: This Vine is not bothered by pests. It can be affected by powdery mildew in wet climates. Sulfur spray is an effective treatment for this disease.
USDA Zone: 4
Sunset Western Zone: 3-10, 14-21
Sunset Northeast Zone: 31, 32, 34-41

Weight 4 lbs

1 Gallon

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