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Koralle Lingonberry


Koralle Lingonberry is a super-hardy, dwarf evergreen shrub with bright-red, and vitamin- rich! This German varietal is very popular in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.


Koralle Lingonberry

Koralle Lingonberry was developed in Germany and first released in Holland. It’s small, glossy, evergreen leaves take on a mahogany hue during the winter months. Near white to pink flowers bloom spring to fall, followed by bright red, edible berries. Originally developed as an ornamental ground cover, then later cultivated for it’s fruit. Now a popular Dutch cultivar making up almost all of European Production. Koralle Lingonberry is a super-hardy and very popular in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Tart tasty lingonberries can be eaten fresh and really excel in preserves, jams, jellies, syrup and wine. It is also resistant to deer and rabbits, making it an excellent choice for use in borders, mixed containers, or as ground-cover.

Latin Name: Vaccinium vitis-idea
Site and Soil: Koralle Lingonberry likes 1/2 day to full with filtered shade in hot region and moist acidic, well-drained soil
Pollination Requirements: Koralle Lingonberry is self-fertile but plant with Red Pearl for cross pollination and better crops.
Hardiness: hardy to -45° F.
Bearing Age: Our plants are of bearing age at time of sale 
Size at Maturity: 12″ tall and forms a great ground-cover
Bloom Time: summer and throughout fall
Ripening Time: Fall
Yield: 10 lbs of fruit per square yard of row
Pests & Diseases: Lingonberry is not bothered by pest or disease.
USDA Zone: 2-7

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1 Quart, 1 Gallon

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