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Fig Tree Bundle


Maximize your harvest and save with our Fig Tree Bundle of four (4) trees to grow unique and delicious figs.

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Fig Tree Bundle

Our Fig Tree Bundle includes four distinct varieties and is a great choice if you are having a hard time trying to decide which delicious varieties to grow.

The Fig Tree Bundle includes:

1 x Desert King Fig Tree

One of the best varieties for the Northwest, Desert King is very productive and reliable, producing abundant, yellowish-green figs with sweet and richly flavorful, strawberry colored flesh. Because it ripens in mid summer, Desert King is a great variety for gardeners in coastal, high elevation, and other cool regions. Desert King also withstands fruit damaging late spring frosts better than any other variety we grow. We sometimes call this fig the Dessert King!

1 x Negronne Fig Tree

A naturally small tree, Negronne bears striking, almost black fruit, with tasty, sweet, dark red flesh. Negronne is well suited for container culture or confined spaces.

1 x Peter’s Honey Fig Tree

Brought from his native Sicily by the late Peter Danna of Portland, Peter’s Honey is one of the best figs we have eaten. Peter’s Honey bears good crops of light yellowish-green fruit with delectably tender and sweet, dark amber flesh. In the Northwest, Peter’s Honey ripens well in warm city climates. In the country or in cooler areas, an ideal location is on the sunny side of a wall or fence.

1 x Petite Negra Fig Tree

Growing only 4-6 feet in height, the Petite Negra Fig (Little Black Fig), is the perfect fruit tree for your patio or sunny living room. Producing medium sized fruit with a black skin and deep red, juicy sweet flesh, twice a year make this a must own for fig lovers.

Click here to read our Fig Growing Guide

Latin Name: Ficus carica
Site and Soil: Figs do well in a variety of soils, but require at least 8 hours of sunlight during the growing season.
Pollination Requirements: 1-2 years after planting.
Hardiness: Self-fruitful.
Bearing Age: Figs are hardy to between 0° & 5° F.
Size at Maturity: 12 ft. in height, smaller with pruning.
Bloom Time: Flowers are not noticeable as they are inside the fig.
Pests & Diseases: Figs are not bothered by pests in our region. Cover plants with netting if birds are a problem.
Fig Mosaic Virus is a benign virus that exists in all cultivated fig trees. Yellow spotting of the leaves is a cosmetic symptom that shows more in container culture, but is quickly outgrown once trees are planted in the ground. The presence of FMV in all cultivated figs has become widely accepted, as even the national germplasm repository for figs maintained by the USDA has Fig Mosaic Virus. If the presence of FMV is a concern, then purchasing fig trees may not be the best option for you.
USDA Zone: 7-10

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