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Erntesegen Lingonberry



Erntesegen Lingonberry

Origin: Germany

  1. Erntesegen lingonberry grows to a height of 12 inches at maturity.
  2. Plants are high in vigor, spreading quickly.
  3. The cultivar has been rated in the top 5 cultivars for high crop yields.
  4. Fruits are deep red and large, up to 0.4 grams per berry.
  5. Fruits have a good acidity, but sweetness is pronounced as well.

Lingonberries are close relatives to the blueberry and cranberry. The plants are native in some areas of North America, and are most abundantly found in the Scandinavian countries of Europe. The small red fruits are known to be very high in anti-oxidants with documented research that shows fruits contain an extreme abundance of nutrients. The fruits have a fresh aroma and the flavor is mostly tart with a slight sweetness. Fruits have a firm skin and can be stored for several month at cold temperatures.

Latin Name: Vaccinium vitis-idea
Site and Soil: Erntesegen Lingonberry likes 1/2 day to full with filtered shade in hot region and moist acidic, well-drained soil
Pollination Requirements: Erntesegan Lingonberry is self-fertile but plant with Red Pearl or any other Lingonberry for cross pollination and better crops.
Hardiness: hardy to -45° F.
Bearing Age: Our plants are of bearing age at time of sale 
Size at Maturity: 12″ tall and forms a great ground-cover
Bloom Time: summer and throughout fall
Ripening Time: Fall
Yield: 10 lbs of fruit per square yard of row
Pests & Diseases: Lingonberry is not bothered by pest or disease.
USDA Zone: 2-7

Weight 4 lbs

3.5" Pot, 1 Quart, 1 Gallon

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