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Blue False Indigo


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Blue False Indigo

Baptisia Australis, Blue False Indigo is one of our all time favorite nitrogen fixers. This deep rooted prairie species is very drought tolerant and an excellent companion plant to any young fruit tree. False Indigo grows three to four feet in height and width and produces beautiful blueish purple flowers in spring that the bees love. Flowers are followed by beautiful seed pods that turn a deep indigo color and were used as rattles by children in simpler times. Can also be used to make indigo dye and has often been used as a substitute for the true Indigofera. We plant this tough nitrogen fixer more than almost any other when planting young fruit trees.

*Blue False Indigo is a perennial plant that dies back to the ground in winter and sends up new shoots again in mid to late spring.*

Latin Name: Baptisia australis
Site and Soil: A variety of soils, so long as they’re well draining and at least half day sun.
Hardiness: False Indigo are hardy to minus 30° F. or below.
Size at Maturity: 3-4 ft. in height.
Bloom Time: Late April-May
Pests & Diseases: None that we have observed
USDA Zone: 3

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