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Mashua Tubers


This wonderful Andean vegetable (Mashua), commonly known as tuberous nasturtium, añu, or cubio is a root crop that was developed in the Andes mountains of South America. This beautiful plant can grow 8- 12 ft if given something to climb. Underground Mashua grow deliciously nutritious  3-8″ tubers. One plant can produce over 5lbs of tubers. Mashua has beautiful nectar filled small orange flowers that hummingbirds love. Traditionally grown in poly-cultures with Potatoes, Oca, and Ulluco in Andean South America because the tubers contain aromatic mustard oils that discourage rodents and other pests.


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Mashua Tubers – Tropaeolum tuberosum

Mashua Tubers – Tropaeolum tuberosum are a vigorous and edible tuberous rooted nasturtium. Mashua produces Tubers in abundance when earthed up.  A species of flowering plant in the family Tropaeolaceae, grown in the Andes, particularly in Peru and Bolivia, and to a lesser extent in Ecuador as well as in Boyacá Department,Colombia, for its edible tubers, which are eaten cooked or roasted as a vegetable. It is a staple food source, especially to native Amerindian populations. Mashua is a herbaceous perennial climber growing to 2–4 m (7–13 ft) in height. It is related to garden nasturtiums, and is occasionally cultivated as an ornamental for its brightly colored tubular flowers that hummingbirds love. Mashua is disease free and is know to reduce plant pathogens like soil nematodes, and other feeding insects. Mashua also prevents weeds and is well suited for poly-culture with other edibles. Masua likes partial shade to half day sun. Mashua thrives in cooler climates and does not do well in hot summer locations.

You will receive 3 mixed tubers:

Colombian (tuberosum v. pilifera)

Colombian Mashua tubers are cream colored, with purple eyes four to eight inches long – a very vigorous and productive plant for the PNW. This is a tuberous rooted nasturtium from Colombia. North of the equator has no day-length problem for tuber production (as we have found with the Bolivian cultivars) Tubers are white with anise fragrance when cooked. Raw they can be grated on sushi or other dishes like you would horseradish.

Puca Anu

The Puca Anu is a Peruvian cultivar and features purple stripes over a yellow tuber, two to six inches long. This vine has edible leaves, flowers and tubers like all Mashua. Grow on a trellis or western facing window to watch hummingbirds feed on the beautiful orange flowers

Sapu Anu

Chilean Red

Weight N/A
Andean Tubers

3 tubers

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