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Tarocco # 7 Blood Orange


The largest of the Blood Oranges, Tarocco fruit is deep orange, juicy, and delicious. Sweet, with a hint of tartness, the flesh turns a striking deep red when ripe.

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Tarocco # 7 Blood Orange

Tarocco # 7 Blood Orange is the largest of the Blood Oranges with deep orange, juicy, and delicious fruit. Sweet, with a hint of tartness, the flesh turns a striking deep red when ripe.

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Latin Name: Citrus sinensis
Site and Soil: Citrus trees want to be in the sun or bright light, either when they are outside or when you bring them inside for the winter. Potting soil should be coarse and well drained.
Rootstock Description: Flying Dragon is a hardy and very dwarfing rootstock for Citrus. Trees grown on Flying Dragon will rarely exceed 5 ft. in height.
Pollination Requirements: Self-fertile. If it is blooming inside in the winter, you can play bee and hand pollinate it by taking a small soft brush and moving pollen from flower to flower.
Hardiness: Hardy to about 25°F. We recommend bringing into a well-lit and protected location in late fall before hard frosts occur.
Bearing Age: 1-2 yrs.
Size at Maturity: 3-5 ft.
Taste: Juicy, sweet with a hint of tartness
Fruit Skin: Deep orange
Fruit Flesh: Striking deep red when ripe
Bloom Time:
Ripening Time: Winter
Yield: 20+ fruit
Care: Fertilize with citrus mix 3-4 times per year with typical applications in late winter (Jan-Feb), late spring (May-June) and early fall (Sept-Oct).
Pests & Diseases: While outside, Citrus plants will likely not be bothered by insect pests. Be on the lookout for slugs. Indoors, Citrus can have mites and/or aphids. Watch carefully for any problems and treat with an insecticidal soap or wash them off. We have not seen any disease problems on our Citrus varieties.
USDA Zone: 9

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