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Pomegranate Bundle


Grow your own Pomegranate shrubs with our bundle which includes 4 cold hardy varieties!

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Pomegranate Bundle

Grow your own Pomegranate shrubs with our bundle which includes the following 4 varieties:

1 x Cranberry Pomegranate

A wonderful new pomegranate developed by the University of California, Cranberry Pomegranate features deep red, (cranberry colored you might say), skin with bright red arils. Fruits are medium sized with mild acidity and very flavorful. Ripens mid to late season so recommended mostly for warmer climates or in hot microclimates further north.

1 x Eversweet Pomegranate

Eversweet Pomegranate is one of the very sweetest of pomegranates with virtually seedless fruit.

1 x Parfianka Pomegranate

This Pomegranate has it all: naturally dwarfing, beautiful red fruit, small edible seeds, and is consistently rated the most flavorful pomegranate in tasting trials. Great for juicing or fresh eating, producing heavy crops at a young age. Can grow up to 10 feet, but can easily be kept at six to seven feet with pruning.

1 x Red Silk Pomegranate

An aptly named pomegranate, Red Silk produces medium to large fruits with a beautiful dark red skin and red arils. A naturally dwarfing bush, it will only reach about 6’ in height with a spreading habit.

Beautiful fruit bearing shrubs, Pomegranates are widely grown in Central Asia, the Middle East and in California and the South. Pomegranates produce beautiful, bright-red flowers throughout the summer, followed by flavorful and healthy, orange-red fruit. Pomegranates set the best fruit in warmer areas outside the Northwest, but we have been receiving quite a few reports from friends in the area that have been getting fruit over the last couple years.

Pomegranates like full to half day sun and can grow in most soils. They are pest and disease resistant, self-fertile and hardy to 12 degrees F., or below. Our varieties often begin blooming the 1st or 2nd year after planting.

Latin Name: Punica granatum
Site and Soil: Pomegranates like full to 1/2 day sun and well-drained soil
Pollination Requirements: Self-fertile.
Hardiness: Hardy to 12° F or below.
Bearing Age: 1-2 years after planting
Size at Maturity: 6-10 ft. in height (varies by variety)
Bloom Time: June to September
Ripening Time: Late fall
Yield: 20+ lbs.
Pests & Diseases: Pomegranates are not bothered by pests or diseases.
USDA Zone: 7-10

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