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Orus 8 Gooseberry


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Orus 8 Gooseberry

Orus 8 gooseberry is actually a hybrid between a black currant and a red gooseberry just like the famed jostabery, though the Orus 8 gooseberry looks much more like a gooseberry than a currant. Fruits from Orus 8 are deep purple and considered the best for fresh eating of any gooseberry. Orus 8 plants have some thorns but less than a typical gooseberry.

Latin Name: Ribes grossularia x ingram
Site and Soil: Moderately fertile, well-drained soil with full to partial sun.
Hardiness: Gooseberries are hardy to -40º F.
Bearing Age: 0-2 years after planting.
Size at Maturity: 3-5 ft. in height and 3-5 ft. in width
Bloom Time: April-May
Ripening Time: June- July
USDA Zone: 3-7

Most of the gooseberries in our selection are a cross between the flavorful, larger varieties from Europe (R. uva-crispa) and hardy, disease-resistant varieties of North American (R. hirtellum). The result is the jewel of the fruit world. Gooseberries come in a rainbow of colors from translucent white to green-gold and yellow to peach-pink and deep-red. They are highly nutricious, especially rich in vitamin A and phosphorus. Traditionally used in deserts and preserves with a delicious affinity for honey and cream. they are also great eaten fresh out of the garden. Not suited for southern climates that do not receive at least 1000 chill hours. Remove all canes older than four years to maintain healthy harvests of large, sweet fruit.

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