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Morado Yacón


This unique and rare variety of Yacón produces deep purple tubers and shows a purple tint to its leaves and new shoots.

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Morado Yacón

The Morado Yacón – Smallanthus sonchifolius productive beautiful new variety, tubers are purple/red when they are fresh dug. When cured the tubers are deep purple/burgundy skin with pink flesh and sweet. Morado also starts flowering early September with one inch yellow flowers and purple/green leaves. Morado seems to be earlier maturing. Crowns are smaller and more compact. As beautiful as it is delicious!

Morado Yacon is the most rare and valuable Yacon we have found. 

The (Smallanthus sonchifolius, syn.: Polymnia edulis, P. sonchifolia) is a species of perennial daisy traditionally grown in the northern and central Andes from Colombia to northern Argentina for its crisp, sweet-tasting, tuberous roots. Their texture and flavour are very similar to jicama, mainly differing in that yacón has some slightly sweet, resinous, and floral (similar to violet) undertones to its flavour, probably due to the presence of inulin, which produces the sweet taste of the roots of elecampane, as well. Another name for yacón is Peruvian ground apple, possibly from the French name of potato,pomme de terre (ground apple). The tuber is composed mostly of water and fructooligosaccharide.

Weight 4 lbs
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1/3 lb yacon crowns

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