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Kathleen’s Black Fig Tree


Kathleen’s Black is a fantastic dark skinned fig that’s similar in taste and complexion to a Black Mission fig but earlier ripening.

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Kathleen’s Black Fig Tree

A fantastic dark skinned fig that’s similar in taste and complexion to a Black Mission fig but earlier ripening for those of us in cooler climates. Kathleen’s Black Fig Tree produces occasional breba figs but is primarily grown for its main crop figs. It took us a while to get this variety to produce any figs, so be patient with it. It’s not as precocious as other varieties but once it gets going it is well worth the wait!

One of the easiest fruits to grow, and a true gourmet delight, you should not live your life without feasting on this sweet, delectable fruit. To fully enjoy fresh Figs you must grow your own. When fully ripe and at their tender, shipping them long distances is virtually impossible. Another plus for Figs – deer don’t like them (most of the time)!

Click here to read our Fig Growing Guide.

Latin Name: Ficus carica 
Site and Soil: Figs do well in a variety of soils, but require at least 8 hours of sunlight during the growing season.
Pollination Requirements: Self-figful.
Hardiness: Figs are hardy to between 0° & 5° F. Figo Preto has proven itself reliably hardy outdoors here in the PNW.
Bearing Age: 1-2 years after planting.
Size at Maturity: 8-15 ft in height, smaller with pruning.
Taste: Rich figgy berry
Fruit Skin: Black
Fruit Flesh: Red & Amber
Bloom Time: Flowers are not noticeable as they are inside the fig.
Ripening Time: September – November
Yield: 10-15 lbs. or more per plant
Pests & Diseases: Figs are not bothered by pests in our region. Cover plants with netting if birds are a problem.
Fig Mosaic Virus is a benign virus that exists in all cultivated fig trees. Yellow spotting of the leaves is a cosmetic symptom that shows more in container culture, but is quickly outgrown once trees are planted in the ground. The presence of FMV in all cultivated figs has become widely accepted, as even the national germplasm repository for figs maintained by the USDA has Fig Mosaic Virus. If the presence of FMV is a concern, then purchasing fig trees may not be the best option for you.
USDA Zone: 7

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