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Formosan Carpet Raspberry


Formosan Carpet Raspberry is one of the fast spreading and reliable edible ground covers we know of!

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Formosan Carpet Raspberry

The Formosan Carpet Raspberry is one of the fastest spreading and toughest edible ground covers that we know of! In addition to its attractively textured evergreen foliage and low maintenance nature, it also produces little edible yellow-orange raspberries that are quite delicious. It is perfect planted to cascade over a wall or along a pathway.

We cannot ship Formosan to Hawaii, Alaska, or Virginia

Latin Name: Rubus pentalobus
Site and Soil: Full to 1/2 day sun and well-drained soil. Plants are very drought resistant once they are established.
Pollination Requirements:  Self-fertile.
Hardiness: Formosan Carpet is hardy to minus 30° F.
Bearing Age: 2-3 years after planting.
Size at Maturity: 6-12 inches in height and spreading up to 4 feet wide
Bloom Time: May
Ripening Time: July-August
Yield: 10-15 lbs.
Pests & Diseases: We have not seen this plant be bothered by pests or diseases.
USDA Zone: 4-8

Weight 2 lbs
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