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Blue Bean Tree


The special fruit is very reminiscent of Akebia Vine fruit. You eat the pulp around the inedible seeds by slurping the sweet jewels out of the pod, then swishing them around in your mouth, after that you just spit out the seeds!

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Blue Bean Tree

The Blue Bean Tree is originally from Bhutan via the seedsman, explorer & plant breeder Chris Homanics.

Our Blue Bean Trees are the only ones being offered anywhere in the US currently. Blue Bean Tree is also known as Dead Man’s Fingers. This 15-20ft tall wispy tree is actually an Akebia Vine relative. The trunk can reach 8 inches thick but quickly tapers- kinda like a Dr. Suess tree.

The special fruit is reminiscent of Akebia Vine fruit with a mild coconut-like flavor. You eat the jelly-pulp around the inedible seeds by slurping the sweet jewels out of the pod then swishing them around in your mouth and spiting out the inedible seeds, just like how you’d eat passion fruits. Such a special and unusual fruit snack. The fruit is ripe around the end of October. You could even use them as unusual centerpiece for Halloween decorations. You will frighten people by just leaving the fruit clusters out on the counter because they live up to their name by looking like dead man’s fingers.

Latin Name: Decaisnea fargesii
Site and Soil: Shady understory tree so it likes moist humus-rich soil with shade
Hardiness: Zone 7
Size at Maturity: 15 ft. in height.
Pests & Diseases: None that are known at this time

Weight 4 lbs

1 Gallon

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