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Variegated Fuki


This form of Fuki features creamy-white and green, variegated foliage.

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Variegated Fuki is a form of Fuki featuring creamy-white and green, variegated foliage.

Latin Name: Petasites japonicus var. ‘Variegatus’
Site and Soil: Fuki likes 1/2 day to full sun and moist soil.
Rootstock Description:
Pollination Requirements:
Hardiness: Fuki can be grown where temperatures fall to minus 20º F.
Bearing Age:
Size at Maturity: 3-4 ft. in height.
Bloom Time:
Ripening Time:
Pests & Diseases: Fuki is not bothered by significant pest or disease problems.
USDA Zone: 5
Sunset Western Zone: 2B-9, 14-17
Sunset Northeast Zone: 31, 32, 34-41

Weight 4 lbs

3.5" Pot, 1 Gallon

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