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Tohya Seeds – Glycine Max


Mid-season edamame, light green seeds

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The Tohya Seeds – Glycine Max are a Mid-season edamame with light green seeds.

Tohya Seeds – Glycine Max

Plump, pale green pods avg. three seeds per pod. Eating quality is as good as Butter beans. Compact plants avg. 2′ and have a concentrated set which allows for hand or machine harvest. For retail sales, harvest whole plants and strip the leaves, leaving the pods on the stalks. White pubescence.

Needs warm day and cool night temperatures for good results. Direct sow when soil temp reach 65-70˚F, in Iowa they plant about a month after corn in early June. hallow rooted and can require up to 1/4” of water a day during the hot season, mulch roots to conserve moisture.

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