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Stupice Solanum lycopersicum


Very early indeterminate, productive clusters of medium fruits.

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The Stupice Solanum lycopersicum. Very early indeterminate, productive clusters of medium fruits.

Stupice Solanum lycopersicum

Stupice is part of the Solanum genus and is a Tomato variety. Its scientific name is Solanum lycopersicum ‘Stupice’. ‘Stupice’ is considered a heirloom OP (open pollinated) cultivar. This variety typically blooms in the following colors:   Painter yellow. This variety typically produces fruit in the following colors:   Ferrari Red.

A variety originally from Czechoslovakia, it is an indeterminate variety that has been praised for its flavor, excellent growth in short seasons, and is more cold-resistant that most tomatoes. It is potato-leafed, and bears 2″ – 3″ fruit.
Strong vining quality, so must be staked. Starts producing early and keeps producing until the very first frost. You will get tons of tomatoes from this unassuming variety.
A 1988 comparative tasting in the San Francisco area gave it first place for its wonderful sweet/acid, tomatoey flavor and production.

Does well in northern (colder) climates due to its cold tolerance (not frost resistant). Considered a dwarf tomato, these plants only get 2-4 feet tall.

Stupice grows as an Annual and is a Fruit. Being an Annual, it tends to grow best over the course of a single year. Stupice is known for growing to a height of approximately 1.20 meters (3.90 feet).

Czech Republic is thought to be the country of origin for Stupice.

Typically, Stupice Tomato is normally fairly low maintenance and can thus be quite easy to grow – only a basic level of care is required throughout the year to ensure it thrives. Being aware of the basic growing conditions this plant likes (soil, sun and water) will result in a strong and vibrant plant.

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