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Red Swan Snap Bush Beans


Early red-pink skinned 5” round pods, tasty, original by Robert Lobitz.

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The Red Swan Snap Bush Phaseolus vulgaris. Early red-pink skinned 5” round pods, tasty, original by Robert Lobitz.

Red Swan Snap Bush Phaseolus vulgaris

The color of this bean is so extraordinary, you’ll want to gaze at it for hours. The dusty pink color ranges from pale rose to deep magenta, with a bit a green in the background, giving them an iridescent appearance. The flavor is deep and earthy, similar to that of a Romano type.

Phaseolus vulgaris, the common bean (also known as the string bean, field bean, flageolet bean, French bean, garden bean, green bean, haricot bean, pop bean, or snap bean), is a herbaceous annual plant. Grown worldwide for its edible dry seed (known as just “beans”) or unripe fruit (green beans). Raw or under cooked beans contain the toxin phytohaem agglutinin. Its leaf is also occasionally used as a vegetable and the straw as fodder. Its botanical classification, along with other Phaseolus species, is as a member of the legume family Fabaceae, most of whose members acquire the nitrogen they require through an association with rhizobia, a species of nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

The common bean is a highly variable species that has a long history of cultivation. All wild members of the species have a climbing habit, but many cultivars are classified as “bush beans” or “pole beans”, depending on their style of growth. These include the kidney bean, the navy bean, the pinto bean, and the wax bean. The other major types of commercially grown bean are the runner bean and the broad bean.

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