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Purplus Lactuca sativa


Intense dark purple loose-leaf

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The Purplus Lactuca sativa Intense dark purple loose-leaf.

Purplus Lactuca sativa

Loose leaf type. Deep purple/red leaves add color and taste to salads. Vigorous growth. Looseleaf head lettuce. Green leaves are blushed red, stunning! Great lettuce to seed in the fall for winter and early spring harvest.  Allow the heads to mature and harvest whole or pick only outer leaves as needed for a continuous harvest.  This lettuce will bolt with the summer heat.

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Lifespan: annual
  • Seed Maturity: 7 days
  • Harvest Maturity: 50 days
  • Direct Sow: Yes
  • Self-Pollinated
  • Plant: Early Spring or Fall
  • Intense purple crisped leaves, a plus for purple.
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