Pear Combo-Cool Climate 4 in 1

////Pear Combo-Cool Climate 4 in 1
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Pear Combo-Cool Climate 4 in 1

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Can't decide on just one pear? These combo pear trees are great for variety and ripening.

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Product Description

The Cool Climate Pear Combination was created for those areas with 900 or more hours of chilling. The tree is made up of 4 of the following varieties:

Bartlett: The #1 most popular pear in the world. Enough said. Ripens in August.

Beurre d’Anjou: Buttery texture does justice to it’s French name. White, fine flavored flesh. Ripening time in September.

Bosc: Large, long necked, tapering fruit. A favorite for fresh eating or cooking. Ripens around September to October.

Surecrop: Resembles a Bartlett in looks and taste. Consistent bearer with prolonged bloom ideal for late front areas. Ripens in September.

Cold hardy to U.S.D.A Zone 5.