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Maxim Apium graveolens var. rapaceum


Nice roots, from a seed saver in Belarus.

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The Maxim Apium graveolens var. rapaceum Nice roots, from a seed saver in Belarus.

Maxim Apium graveolens var. rapaceum

Celery – a very valuable spice plant, which has a specific, pleasant aroma, due to a high content of essential oil. Root addition of vitamin C are rich in carotene, vitamins, organic acids, mineral salts, useful for the human body. Celery root “Maxim” – late-ripening varieties. The period from germination to the availability of root crops 200-220 days. The leaves are medium length, dark green. Root round, with a small amount of lateral roots. Weight 500 g Flesh creamy-white, colors that are retained during blanching, dense with a gentle spicy taste. Use fresh or dried form. Lёzhkost while keeping very good. AGROTECHNICS:  Celery is grown seedlings. Sowing seeds is carried out in late February – early March. Feature celery seeds is that they can not be much sprinkle the ground – they must be on the surface in bright light, especially during the first 3-7 days in the germination period. Seedlings can be expected after 1-1,5 weeks. Watering should be careful, you can use a spray bottle. Potted better cover glass or p / e film.  At the age of 60 days, that is in phase five true leaves – seedling ready for planting. On a permanent place to plant seedlings is desirable after May 15, (May 20-25), because if it falls below freezing, the plant will take part in the arrow, the root will be inedible (fine and coarse).  Planting scheme LP x 6D cm. Further care is regular watering, fertilizing and hoeing. Clean the celery before the onset of frost-resistant.­

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