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Hullless Secale cereale


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The Hullless Secale cereale is a fast, short, hulless barley.

Hullless Secale cereale

Schrene Hulless Barley: A 2-row type. A fast, short, hulless barley. Not the highest yielding in our trials, but dependable. Short stems mean less material for compost, but they also help resist lodging (falling over), which in wet, or windy areas can mean the difference between getting a crop or not. Ideal for very short-season areas.

Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.), a member of the grass family, is a major cereal grain grown in temperate climates globally. It was one of the first cultivated grains, particularly in Eurasia as early as 13,000 years ago. Barley has also been used as animal fodder, as a source of fermentable material for beer and certain distilled beverages, and as a component of various health foods. It is used in soups and stews, and in barley bread of various cultures. Barley grains are commonly made into malt in a traditional and ancient method of preparation.


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