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Forest Green Petroselinum crispum


Beautiful curly leaf parsley, hardy

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The Forest Green Petroselinum crispum Beautiful curly leaf parsley, hardy.

Forest Green Petroselinum crispum

One of many named forms of curly-leaved parsley, ‘Forest Green’ produces a dense clump of extremely curly, dark green leaves that maintain their dark color all season long. These are highly ornamental and ready to harvest around 75 days after planting.

Whether flat or curly-leaved, the leaves of parsley impart a fresh, green taste to food that helps clean the palate. This popular herb originates from southern Europe but is used and enjoyed by cultures throughout the world. It forms neat clumps of leaves that can be harvested throughout the growing season. These are used to season salads, soups, meats and pasta dishes. Curly forms are also used as a classic garnish.

Parsley forms a rosette of bright green, flattened or curly leaves. The plant is technically a biennial but is most often grown as an annual. In its second summer, it produces insignificant, dill-like umbels of yellow-green flowers. The seed that follows will fall to the ground and often germinate. After blooming and setting seed, the plant will die.

Grow this herb in full sun and fertile, well-drained soil. Parsley tastes best in the first year during the cool season. In the second year, and during flowering, its leaves are smaller and have a bitter taste, so it’s best to start a new crop each year. Plants are commonly grown from seed and planted in spring. They can also be planted in fall in areas with mild winters.

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