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Faro Quinoa Seeds


Beautiful nutritious Andean grain with white seeds, 3-4ft plants.

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The Faro Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) is a beautiful nutritious Andean grain with white seeds, 3-4ft plants.

Faro Chenopodium quinoa

Self-seeding annual native to South America.  100 days to maturity. This is one of the most highly productive food grains that can easily be grown by home gardeners in the temperate north.  Does particularly well for gardeners in the North and for mountain gardens where nights are cold. Plant prefers full sun and regular garden soil.  Direct seed in spring and thin to 1 foot apart. The plants should be cultivated frequently during the summer, and watered well, but when the seed begins to mature, stop watering, as excessive water on the seed head can be deleterious.  Plants tend to lodge (heavy seedheads blown by wind!) so hill them up during the growing season to bolster.

Extremely concentrated food source.  When eaten along with black turtle beans, and with a little tomato and garlic added, all essential amino acids will be present.

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