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Buttercrunch Lactuca sativa


Excellent spring butter-head.

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The Buttercrunch Lactuca sativa Excellent spring butter-head.

Buttercrunch Lactuca sativa

A 1963 All-American Selection Winner from the United States Department of Agriculture, ‘Buttercrunch’ is now a garden standard. It forms loose heads of folded thick leaves with a buttery texture. The leaves are typically bright green but may have slight reddish tint. It is moderately heat resistant and slow to bolt, though the leaves will develop a bitter flavor in high heat. The leaves or heads are ready for harvest in 55 to 65 days after planting.

Loosehead or butterhead lettuce is an annual green grown for its smooth, thin, buttery leaves and looser heads. When temperatures warm up, the whole leafy clump elongates and grows upwards. At this stage they are no longer good eating. When fully elongated they become topped with tall branched stems covered with pale yellow flowers followed by fluffy white seedheads. Seed savers should collect the mature seeds for another planting.

In temperate zones lettuce is favored as a spring and fall crop and in frost-free, southern zones it is grown as a winter crop. Full sun and light, fertile, nutrient-rich soil and regular water are needed for good production and performance. Plant lettuce seeds in succession for a longer harvest period. Once lettuce is subjected to hot weather and begins to bolt its flavor usually becomes bitter. At this stage, pull them or let them set seed for collection.

This is a pretty cultivar for container as well as garden culture.

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