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Breeding Mix Fava


Breeding Mix Fava are a Grin selection of a few rare smaller favas. They are collected at Ecofarm from a seed saver that very much enjoyed its flavor for fresh eating.

Breeding Mix Fava

The origin of this legume is obscure, but it had been cultivated in the Middle East for 8,000 years before it spread to Western Europe. Fava or Broad beans have been found in the earliest human settlements. They have been found in lakeside settlements in Switzerland and in Britain at Glastonbury.

In parts of the English-speaking world, the name “broad bean” is used for the large-seeded cultivars grown for human food, while “horse bean” and “field bean” refer to cultivars with smaller, harder seeds (more like the wild species) used for animal feed, though their stronger flavour is preferred in some human food recipes, such as falafel. The term “fava bean” (from the Italian fava, meaning “broad bean”) is used in other English-speaking countries such as the US. “Broad bean” is the most common name in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

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