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Black Pearl Seeds – Glycine Max


nutty edamame, early-mid

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The Black Pearl Seeds – Glycine Max nutty edamame, early-mid.

Black Pearl Seeds – Glycine Max

The plants of ‘Black Pearl’ are taller than those of the reference varieties. The seeds of Black Pearl’ have a black testa and a black hilum. The reference varieties have a yellow testa and a dark brown hilum. The seed shape for ‘Black Pearl’ is elongated flattened. It is spherical for ‘OAC Ginty’ and spherical flattened for ‘OAC Bayfield’ and ‘OAC Wallace’. ‘Black Pearl’ matures earlier than ‘OAC Ginty’.

From 1998 to 2004, bulked populations were grown in Pembroke and plants were selected for a similar phenotype to the parental line. In each generation, seed was hand rouged and screened for a uniform black seed color. From 2005 to 2008, small scale field increases were grown and each generation was assessed for morphological stability and uniformity as part of the mass selection criteria during the vegetative, reproductive and seed phases.

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