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Ben Lear Cranberry


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Ben Lear Cranberry is a wild clone from Wisconsin. Early ripening, large to medium deep red fruit and good production.

Cranberry Sauce! Dried Cranberries! Cranberry juice! These are just some of the uses for this versatile, nutritious, and very flavorful berry. Growing only about 6″ in height, with dainty evergreen foliage and bright-red fruit, cranberries makes an attractive ornamental and fruiting ground-cover.

Latin Name: Vaccinium macrocarpon
Site and Soil: Ben Lear Cranberry likes full sun to partial shade and moist, acidic soil.
Pollination Requirements: Cranberry is self-fertile.
Hardiness: Cranberry is hardy to minus 30° F.
Bearing Age: 1-2 years after planting.
Size at Maturity: 6″ in height.
Bloom Time: Spring
Ripening Time: Fall
Yield: 1-2 lbs.
Pests & Diseases: Cranberry is not bothered by pests or diseases.
USDA Zone: 4
Sunset Western Zone: 1-6, 17
Sunset Northeast Zone: 32, 34, 36-45

Weight 4 lbs

3.5" Pot, 1 Gallon

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