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Apple Cider Tree Bundle


Grow your own cider fruit with this special bundle of trees and save money. This bundle includes one each of Amere de Berthcourt, Ashmead’s Kernel and a red fleshed apple called Scarlet Surprise.

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Grow your own Apple Cider fruit with this special bundle of Apple trees and save money. The Apple Cider Tree Bundle includes one each of Amere de Berthcourt, Ashmead’s Kernel and red fleshed apple Scarlet Surprise™

The combination Apple Cider Tree Bundle is 2 heirloom Apples with one red flesh Apple that creates the most beautiful and deliciously balanced cider we have ever tasted. Enjoy the satisfaction of growing and making a cider that is completely unique. Truly this cider is the most gorgeous color of pink we have ever seen. The flavor of cider made from these 3 apples is complex and balanced due to the 2 traditional heirloom cider apples that provide the sugar and tannins. The pink glow of antioxidants and tartness comes from the Scarlet Surprise. Grow this bundle of Apple trees and celebrate the harvest by making fresh pressed cider. Your neighbors and friends will be impressed by the delicious flavor and brilliant color of your homemade pink apple juice and hard cider.

Amere de Berthcourt Apple Tree

A popular variety in French cider orchards, Amere de Berthcourt‘s bittersweet juice is used for making alcoholic cider or adding body to sweet cider. Easy to grow and productive, Amere de Berthcourt bears good crops of greenish-yellow fruit with a pink blush.

Ashmead’s Kernel Apple Tree

Considered one of the finest flavored of all apples, this yellow, russeted, English dessert variety has a unique nut-like flavor with crisp and juicy flesh. Ashmead’s Kernal is good for fresh eating and for making delicious pies, crisps and cider. Ashmead’s Kernal ripens in October and stores well.

Scarlet Surprise ™ Red Flesh Apple Tree

With Scarlet Surprise ™ Red Flesh Apple Tree enjoy the spring show of bright pink flowers of this unique variety and be surprised by its dark red, tasty fruit with red flesh. Even the leaves and bark of Scarlet Surprise have a red cast! Scarlet Surprise ripens in mid to late August.

Latin Name: Malus domestica
Site and Soil: All apples like 1/2 day to full sun and well-drained soil.
Rootstock Description: This product could have either M-7 or M-26 depending on availability. M-7 is considered a semi-dwarf rootstock. Regular apple trees grafted on M-7 rootstock wiill grow 12-16 ft. in height. Crabapples, Columnars, Espaliers, and Combination Apples will be smaller. M-7 is very hardy and adapted to most soils.
Considered a dwarf rootstock, Apple trees on M-26 typically grow 8-12 ft. in height and are usually spaced 8-12 ft. apart. Crabapples and Columnars will likely be smaller. M-26 induces early bearing, usually in 2-3 years after planting, and grows well in most soils, except very wet and poorly drained ones. On windy sites, trees grafted on M-26 may need staking.
Pollination Requirements: All apples need another variety nearby for pollination. Neighboring trees often offer sufficient pollen for good fruit set. Consider Mason Bees to help pollinate and increase fruit production.
Hardiness: These apples are hardy to minus 30° F or below.
Bearing Age: 2-3 years after planting.
Size at Maturity: 8-12 ft.
Bloom Time: April
Ripening Time: October
Yield: 30-50 lbs.
Pests & Diseases:  Apple Scab is more prevalent in regions with wet springs, like we have in the Pacific Northwest. While it doesn’t seriously affect the quality of the fruit, it can cause black spots on the apples and foliage. Apple Scab can be controlled by sulfur and other sprays. Codling Moth can create wormy apples and aphids can damage the foliage of apple trees. We suggest using Surround WP  as protective and preventative from many pests
USDA Zone: 4
Sunset Western Zone: 1-9, 14-16
Sunset Northeast Zone: All zones

Weight 12 lbs
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Spring 19

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