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We offer special tools and materials for fruit growing and harvesting. Save time and energy by ordering these hard to find tools and supplies by phone or online.

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Codling Moth Trap

Codling Moth Trap

Catch Codling Moths before they damage your fruit. The Codling Moth is the pest responsible for "wormy" apples, a not very pleasant surprise when you cut or bite into an apple or other pome fruit. These traps use a female moth pheromone attractant and sticky card to capture male moths, preventing the female moth from mating and laying eggs on your fruit. Use it to monitor the presence of moths before applying insecticide, or for moth control. The Codling Moth Trap is easy to use and comes complete with instructions. For monitoring, use one trap. For control of moths (which will likely not be complete) use one trap in a small tree and two traps in larger trees. Traps should be placed in the trees when Codling Moth begins flying, usually shortly after bloom time. Traps should be replaced when full of moths or at least every four weeks during the summer.
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$ 12.95
Fruit Picking Bag

Fruit Picking Bag

How do you pick fruit from a ladder? Hold 4 or 5 in your hand and clamber down and back up again? Drop one or two on your way? This Wells & Wade Cordura Picking Bag is a simple, extremely useful, yet hard-to-find tool. Now you can make harvesting easy and comfortable, and protect your fruit too. This tough, professional, nylon picking bag is tear resistant and easy to clean. It is also water resistant so it won't get heavy if wet. It has a leather padded rim, is 30" deep, and holds a bushel of fruit (42 pounds). This invaluable harvesting aid also makes a great gift for your fruit growing friend or family member.
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$ 43.95
Grafting And Budding Tape

Grafting And Budding Tape

This is the transparent plastic tape we use to wrap our buds and grafts. Thin but strong, it stretches enough to make a good seal and to allow some growth before needing to be cut and removed. One roll is enough for hundreds of buds or grafts.
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$ 3.95 Available in store only
Permanent Labels - bundle of 10

Permanent Labels - bundle of 10

We use these rust-proof, aluminum labels for permanent identification of our trees. Simply write on the soft aluminum with a pencil or ballpoint pen and hang loosely on plant with the included wire. Bundle of 10 labels.
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$ 3.95
Pesticidal Spray Oil

Pesticidal Spray Oil

One of the most effective non-toxic ways to control damaging insects, you can use this spray both when plants are dormant and when they are growing. A thorough job of spraying will smother eggs and insects. 24 oz. concentrate
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$ 9.95
Sulfur Fungicide

Sulfur Fungicide

Specially prepared 95% micronized sulfur, this fungicide can be used as a dust or spray. The fine particle size gives good coverage, adhesion, and better disease control. Sulfur controls powdery mildew and many other diseases on fruits and vegetables. 4 lb. bag. AVAILABLE FOR SALE AT OUR FARM OUTLET STORE ONLY.
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$ 15.95
Tanglefoot Tree Pest Barrier

Tanglefoot Tree Pest Barrier

Protect your trees and fruit from ants and other crawling insects. Simply apply a band of non-toxic Tanglefoot around the trunk and watch critters turn away. 6 oz. tube
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$ 6.95
Wire Tightener

Wire Tightener

With this very strong and easy to use device you can tighten high-tensile wire over long runs, or take out the stretch on plain wire. Attach the Wire Tightener to post or cross arm with plain wire, then wrap the hi-tensile wire around the drum and tighten it with a wrench.
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$ 5.95
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