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Delicious summer treats, Plums bear abundant crops in our region and throughout the U.S. All of our Plum varieties are great for fresh eating and the Italian, Brooks, and other European varieties can be dried for delicious and nutritious winter snacks.

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This very large and sweet, dark purple Plum is great for fresh eating, preserves, canning and drying. Brooks was the main variety in Oregon's dried plum industry and makes superior, very large, dried prunes, great for baking and for nutritious mid winter snacks.
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$ 24.95
Count Althan’s Gage

Count Althan's Gage

This beautiful and classic European variety features large, delectable, crimson-purple Plums with dark golden flesh. Very sweet and juicy, this unique variety was introduced in Germany in 1867.
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$ 24.95
Early Laxton

Early Laxton

Prized for its ornamental value as well as its fruit, this classic European variety bears abundant crops of juicy and sweet, reddish orange plums. One of the most productive varieties, Early Laxton is easy to grow and is the earliest to ripen of the European Plums we offer.
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$ 24.95
Early Transparent

Early Transparent

Rated as one of the best European plums, Early Transparent bears abundant crops of very sweet, golden-yellow fruit with a red blush. This valuable, self-fertile variety ripens in August.
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$ 24.95
Golden Transparent

Golden Transparent

An outstanding member of the Gage family of plums, Golden Transparent is prized for its large, round, golden-yellow fruit with red dots. Very sweet and richly flavored, it is a delectable taste treat. Golden Transparent ripens in mid to late September.
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$ 24.95
Green Gage

Green Gage

The standard for plum quality since the 17th century, Green Gage is one of a group of classic and highly prized European Plum varieties. Green Gage bears large crops of yellowish green, juicy, firm and tender, oval fruit . Very sweet and richly flavorful, Green Gage is great for fresh eating, baking, preserves, and canning.
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$ 24.95


A beautiful ornamental and valuable fruit tree, Hollywood is prized for its profuse, showy pink blossoms, dark purple foliage, and abundant crops of large, dark red plums with juicy, richly flavored, deep red flesh. Plant with another Japanese variety for pollination.
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$ 24.95
Howard Miracle

Howard Miracle

A unique and outstanding taste delight, Howard Miracle bears good crops of large, crimson and yellow, sweet and juicy fruit. This delectable fruit tastes like a sweet Grapefruit or Pineapple. A vigorous spreading tree, Howard Miracle needs another Japanese plum for pollination.
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$ 24.95
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