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Late Blooming Honeyberry

These varieties bloom up to 2 months later in the Pacific Northwest than the early blooming varieties. Later blooming means that more bees and other insects are available for pollination and fruit set is significantly better. These varieties are also good for east of the Cascade Mts. and other colder regions of the US.

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Blue Forest™

Blue Forest™

Large, deep green foliage, compact, spreading form, and large, dark blue, tasty fruit distinguish this attractive and productive variety.
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$ 19.95
Blue Hokkaido™

Blue Hokkaido™

A very popular variety with Japanese Honeyberry growers, Blue Hokkaido™ features an upright growth habit and very large, sweet-tart, crisp and flavorful, dark blue berries.
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$ 21.95
Blue Mist™

Blue Mist™

Selected from a group of Japanese Honeyberry seedlings at our nursery, Blue Mist™ produces abundant crops of very tasty, sweet-tart, large berries. An attractive shrub, it features a spreading form and dark green, soft velvety foliage.
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$ 21.95
Blue Moon™

Blue Moon™

A very attractive, compact and spreading shrub. Blue Moon™ features soft, dark green, velvety foliage and bears good crops of large, tasty, dark blue fruit.
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$ 19.95
Blue Pacific™

Blue Pacific™

From the Russian Far East, this special variety is prized for its attractive spreading form, light green foliage, and good crops of large, dark blue, tasty berries.
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$ 19.95
Blue Sea™

Blue Sea™

This unique and productive variety was selected from group of Japanese seedlings at our nursery. Blue Sea™ is prized for its good crops of crisp, very large, sweet and flavorful fruit. With its spreading form and soft, dark green foliage, it is also a fine ornamental for your yard or landscape.
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$ 21.95
Blue Velvet™

Blue Velvet™

Blue Velvet™ is distinguished by its compact, spreading form, attractive grayish-green, velvety foliage and its very large, sweet-tart and flavorful, medium-blue berries.
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$ 19.95


An attractive, semi-upright, small shrub from eastern Russia, Kamchatka™ bears abundant, large, dark blue, sweet and tasty fruit.
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$ 19.95
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