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Expeditions - The Road Back to Buryatia

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Oregon Garden - Harvest Season

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DIYFruit - Be an Olive Pioneer!

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Unique, very attractive, and one of the oldest trees still growing on our planet, Ginkgo has an upright form with stiff branches at right angles to the trunk. Ginkgo also features unusual fan shaped foliage that turns a beautiful, bright yellow in the fall. Valued for centuries in China for their medicinal value, Ginkgo leaves are dried and powdered and are used to promote mental acuity and to prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's. While Ginkgo has been planted as an ornamental in many regions of the U.S., in Asia it is highly valued for its flavorful, sweet, and nutritious nuts. For nut production, we are proud to offer two rare and unique female varieties from China and one from Japan. See our Book section for our useful booklet on growing and using Ginkgo

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Eastern Star™

Eastern Star™

A very productive and easy-to-grow variety, Eastern Star™ is prized for its abundant crops of large, flavorful and nutritious nuts, which are eaten roasted or boiled.
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$ 29.95 Out of Stock


A popular Japanese variety, Geisha™ produces heavy crops of large, richly-flavored nuts. Geisha™ is also very attractive with long pendulous branches and dark green foliage, which turns lemon-yellow in the fall.
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$ 29.95 Available in the Spring
Long March™

Long March™

This very pretty and upright growing variety was selected in Beijing, China, for its high productivity and large, tasty nuts.
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$ 29.95
Saratoga Male

Saratoga Male

This male selection is a stately and graceful ornamental tree featuring vivid yellow fall foliage. Saratoga is a good pollinator for our female varieties and is also valuable for those who want an attractive, non nut-bearing, Ginkgo tree.
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$ 29.95 Available in the Spring
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