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Expeditions - The Road Back to Buryatia

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Oregon Garden - Harvest Season

Oregon Garden - Harvest Season At the Oregon Garden in Silverton, One Green World...
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DIYFruit - Be an Olive Pioneer!

DIYFruit - Be an Olive Pioneer! Ukraine is not often thought of as an Olive growin...
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European Pears

Who hasn’t enjoyed a European Pear? Eaten fresh, sliced on cereal, relished in cakes and sauces, every gardener needs at least one, easy to grow, European Pear tree. Typically picked firm from the tree, European Pears ripen to a delectable tenderness and sweetness. European Pears are also great dried, canned, and even make tasty juice, wine and cider.

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Beautiful, golden yellow, Bartlett pears are what we think of when we think Pear. Sweet, juicy, and delicious, there's nothing better in late summer. Eat Bartlett Pears fresh, can them, dry them, or bake with them. Bartlett is easy to grow, very productive, and ripens in late August.
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Unique and very attractive, Bosc is one of our favorite fall Pears. Bosc bears abundant crops of golden brown fruit with a distinctive long neck. Sweet, juicy, and very flavorful, Bosc is great for fresh eating, baking, and drying.
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One of the most delicious Pears we can grow, Comice is prized for its richly flavored, juicy, firm and delectably sweet fruit. An early winter treat, Comice is best when picked firm in late fall and stored in a cool room for a month or more.
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One of the most popular Pears in Europe, Conference bears abundant crops of large, yellowish-brown fruit with very juicy, sweet, melting flesh. Harvest Conference in early October and let it soften at room temperature. Or you can store Conference until January in a cool room or under refrigeration.
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This unique, disease-resistant variety bears bumper crops of sweet, delicious pears with buttery flesh. Similar to the classic Seckel variety but larger, Honeysweet is great for fresh eating and preserving.
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Discovered on Orcas Island, Washington, this excellent, disease-resistant variety produces good crops of very large and attractive, carmine blushed, yellow pears with smooth, sweet,buttery flesh. Excellent for fresh eating, canning and drying, Orcas is very reliable and productive and ripens in early to mid-September. These beautiful and tasty Pears can weigh of 1 lb. each!
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This very large, attractive, yellow fruit with reddish-orange blush will grab your attention. Sweet, juicy and flavorful, Rescue is great for fresh eating and drying. Well adapted to our Pacific Northwest growing conditions, Rescue is a vigorous, productive, and reliable variety.
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Summer Bloodbirne

Summer Bloodbirne

A unique yellow pear with reddish flesh, Summer Bloodbirne is good for fresh eating and drying. Particularly attractive in summer salads, Summer Bloodbirne ripens in early August.
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