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Expeditions - The Road Back to Buryatia

Expeditions - The Road Back to Buryatia In September we returned to Ulan Ude, the capital ...
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Oregon Garden - Harvest Season

Oregon Garden - Harvest Season At the Oregon Garden in Silverton, One Green World...
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DIYFruit - Be an Olive Pioneer!

DIYFruit - Be an Olive Pioneer! Ukraine is not often thought of as an Olive growin...
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Black Currant

Black Currants are one of the most tasty and nutritious fruits you can grow. Uniquely flavorful, they are great for fresh eating and make the best preserves. Black Currants are also extremely high in Vitamin C and antioxidants, which reportedly can help fight cancer.

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Black September

Black September

A superior Black Currant variety, Black September bears good crops of firm, large, sweet and juicy berries. Aromatic and flavorful, Black September fruit ripens in late July.
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This popular English variety forms an attractive, upright small shrub and is prized for its abundant crops of sweet, juicy, jet black berries. With delectable taste and aroma, Blackdown is one of our favorites and is great for a tasty snack and for making delicious juice and jam.
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Sometimes called "Clove Currant" because of its deliciously fragrant flowers, Crandall is an easy-to-grow ornamental and fruiting shrub. The early spring clusters of yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers are followed in August by abundant, very large, jet black berries, which are sweet and flavorful with a hint of spice.
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A unique cross of Gooseberry and Black Currant, Jostaberry is the most vigorous of all our Currant varieties. A very disease resistant and easy to grow small shrub, Jostaberry produces very large, jet black, sweet-tart fruit, high in Vitamin C and good for fresh eating and excellent for jams and jellies.
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From Holland, this superior variety is the earliest to ripen of all our selections. Vigorous and easy to grow, we appreciate its abundant crops of large, sweet and flavorful, jet black berries.
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