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Very attractive and useful, Bamboo is actually a giant grass with woody stems. Each culm (or cane) grows quickly from the ground in the spring and attains its maximum height in a few weeks. New culms sprout each year, increasing in diameter as the plant ages. Bamboo makes a graceful and attractive evergreen screen or windbreak. A grove of bamboo is a peaceful place to sit, enjoying the little birds that love to flit about in it. In addition to Bamboo's value as an ornamental plant, you can harvest and eat the delicious shoots. Cut the new shoots below the soil line shortly after they emerge in the spring. They are delicious sliced and sauteed in stir frys. In addition, individual culms can be cut out and used for garden stakes or poles. We offer both spreading and clumping Bamboo. The spreading types typically grow taller and have larger canes than the clumping types. Spreading types may need to be contained to keep them from growing into areas where they are not wanted. Harvesting the shoots is a good way to restrain the spreading types of Bamboo. They can also be contained by mowing when culms are young or by installing a barrier of sheet metal or plastic 20 inches deep around the area where you want the Bamboo to grow. Clumping Bamboo spreads slowly and does not usually need to be contained. For an attractive, evergreen screen, plant Bamboo 4-6 ft. apart (clumping varieties 2-3 ft. apart) and it will quickly fill in the gaps. Both types of Bamboo can also make spectacular container plants. See our very interesting and useful books on growing Bamboo in the Book section. Sorry, we cannot ship Bamboo to Hawaii.

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Black Bamboo

Black Bamboo

Striking black canes and attractive, dark green, lush foliage distinguish this hard-to-find species. Canes can reach 3-1/2" in diameter and over 40 ft. in height when fully mature.
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$ 29.95
Blackstripe Bamboo

Blackstripe Bamboo

This rare and beautiful form of Black Bamboo features large, light green canes with a wide stripe of brown or purplish black in the groove. These strong and durable canes can grow to 3-1/2" in diameter and over 50 ft. in height.
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$ 29.95 Available in the Spring
Chilean Feather

Chilean Feather

Native to the mountains of Chile and Argentina, this very pretty, clumping species resembles a giant clump of green feathers. Chilean Feather features lacy, dark green foliage with strong, solid culms that can grow to 20 ft. in height when mature. The shoots are tasty and the mature canes are used to make musical instruments, furniture, and fencing.
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$ 29.95 Available in the Spring
Crookstem Bamboo

Crookstem Bamboo

A beautiful addition to your yard or landscape, Crookstem is prized for its abundant, tasty shoots,vibrant green canes that zig zag at the base, attractive upright form and lush, dark green foliage. Crookstem grows to about 30 ft. in height and is hardy to minus 10°F.
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$ 29.95 Available in the Spring
Dragon’s Head

Dragon's Head

A rare, unique, and very hardy form of clumping Bamboo, Dragon's Head has a very attractive weeping form, accented by pretty, willow-like foliage. A beautiful and useful species, Dragon's Head produces strong, 1/2” diameter canes, grows 8-10 ft. in height and is hardy to minus 10°F.
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$ 29.95
Fargesia rufa

Fargesia rufa

Very hardy, rare, and unique, this newly introduced species features orange-red culm sheaths that contrast nicely with the dark green canes and attractive, tropical looking foliage. Growing to only 8 ft. in height, Fargesia rufa makes a fine specimen plant in smaller spaces or in a container on your patio or deck. Fargesia rufa likes some afternoon shade and is hardy to minus 20°F.
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$ 29.95
Giant Timber Bamboo

Giant Timber Bamboo

A striking sight, the canes of this rare and unique species can reach 7” in diameter and 60 ft. in height when mature. The long, bright green foliage of Giant Timber adds to its garden appeal. Giant Timber also produces tasty shoots and is hardy to minus 10°F.
More info...

$ 29.95
Golden Bamboo

Golden Bamboo

An attractive, medium size bamboo, this unique species has golden-yellow canes that are compressed and contorted at the base. The young shoots are quite tasty and easy to harvest. Golden Bamboo typically grows 15-20 ft. in height when mature and is hardy to 0°F.
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$ 29.95 Available in the Spring
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